Episode 18 - Kindergarten Timecop

Who is your Bradlee, and what does he do?? Well, he gathers up Fuzzy & Neeko, to hit the mics for episode 18 of WSTP - Kindergarten Timecop! Mr Freezenator vs The Muscles from Brussels. Who will emerge victorious? This was not a unanimous vote, so tune in to hear the results!

Random tangential mentions this week went to Billy Ray Cyrus, 1940s gangster flicks, Kylie Minogue, Michael Hutchence, Harrison Ford, Harland Williams, Richard Gere, and Oedipus.

Do spin kicks & the splits trump one-liners & shotguns? Is Richard Kimble really John Kimble's long lost brother? When is the weirdest possible time to high five? Where is the dining room? We attempt to answer these age-old questions this week on WTSP.

We also consulted our Bakersfield buds at More Gooder Than @MGTpodcast & our local folks Shaken Not Nerd @ShakenNotNerd for their ideal dream teams of Teacher / Time-traveller / Cop. Their answers were the bomb!

As a sad coincidence, this episode is dedicated to JCVD's Timecop namesake - Max Walker: Aussie athlete extraordinaire. RIP Big Max \m/