Dear Rockstar

Don't you have enough money already?

It's a legitimate question, because it certainly feels like you stopped making computer games sometime in 2013 and decided to make money instead. 

Your little cash cow, GTA V, made you $1 billion dollars within 3 days of being released, and Lord Voldemort only knows how much it has made you since then. That was nearly 5 years ago and since then you've emotionally hung up your developers stretch pants and:

  • Re-released the "enhanced" edition of GTA V for PS4, XBone and PC - Now with the First Person mode that no one asked for....... ooooooo!!!!
  • Speaking of things no one asked for, you also re-released an HD version of LA Noire. So.... yep... 
  • And clearly you've fallen asleep on top of a pile of money with many beautiful ladies

Look... I'm not here to bag you out for making your motza. Full credit, were I you, I'd be cashing in as well. My gripe is with the quality of your legacy since the time that you discovered micro transactions. You've now managed to turn one of gamings most beloved franchises into a satire of itself.

Some gamers will remember a franchise called 'Saints Row" which started in 2006. It was your little brother in so many ways. Not as popular, over the top and starved for attention. It went all silly and crazy where you went serious. Others will remember the "Just Cause" series, possibly some sort of foster child to this weird family, which went down a similar path of being over the top with a cacophony of glorious explosions. Both of these games lent heavily on the strong foundations that you built and took the genre in different directions. 

It seems now, with the proliferation of micro transactions, aka "shark cards", within the GTA Online world, you have managed to morph your flagship product into glitzed up versions of your younger siblings, rather than moving forward to bigger and better things. Tron Bikes, Crazy Orbital Space Cannons, Gold Jets, and flying cars are just the tip of a rapidly shrinking creative iceberg (Global warming?).

You've changed. No doubt you're still making bank, and kudos to you. It must feel great to sell out as hard as you did. For a company with such an amazing track record of developing greatness, you sure gave up on being awesome and unique the moment your big pay day came along. 

Here's hoping that you don't completely cock up this years release of Red Dead Redemption 2. Lord Vader knows you need it to work to regain your credibility as a genuine game developer and not just some shitty EA clone. Don't do what they did, you are so much better than that. 

Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to the light

Yours Sincerely

Fans of your earlier work

PS. The fact that you are calling this next game, Red Dead Redemption 2, highlights my nervousness about your attitude towards the release. You can do better than that. Just off the top of my head, Red Dead: Revival / Resurrection / Retribution. I mean seriously, pick up a fucking Thesaurus and choose something new. Although I'm not sure you're interested in finding any new ideas, whilst resting so comfortably on your laurels.