Dear Netflix

The answer to your problems is staring you right in the face. 

Let's take out all of the things we need to say about Kevin Spacey. They've been said by everyone already, and this post won't add anything new to that conversation. And given the news that Season 6 is on it's way, it's time to talk about what to do with the Underwoods. I, like many of your loyal (read: media sponge) subscribers, love our House of Cards. And it is ours now, that's what happens when you make something popular, we take the ownership of it until one of the stars does something that we don't like, then we drop it like piece of gluten free cake at Christmas. That's a privilege that only $9.95 per month can give you. 

For my fractions worth of ownership, I say that the answer is within you. Just look inside your library of varying quality and you will see the truth. You currently produce a show, which by many markers is starting to tail off, and could seriously do with a shot of credibility that an almost perfect show like HoC can bring. Why not take the concept of the almost, but definitely not quite, good "Designated Survivor" and do a white house reboot on the HoC cast? 

We don't even have to do a complete reboot on the cast, just maybe take out the Underwoods. Because as much as I love Claire, I doubt she'll have much appeal without Frank. They are truly awful people and one can't dis-function without the other. Whatever they are separately, at least they have a twisted version of moral honesty with each other. Take that away and there is nothing holding them back. Therefore, as the worthy monthly subscriber that I am, I declare, THE UNDERWOODS MUST DIE!!!

At the same time, you can give Kiefer, and those super lazy writers from Designated Survivor, ye olde heave ho! You're only into your second season and already you're making several references to 9/11, as if your shows premise (a gigantic terrorist explosion) wasn't already big enough. It's like you forgot what your own show was about so that you could make your own, low budget, low IQ, version of "The West Wing".  And Kiefer, he's struggled since episode 1. I love the Keif, but I love the first-5-seasons-of-24 version of that guy. He needs to find something more his own speed. Old MacGyver or something. I dunno, I don't have all the answers for you. 

So Dear Netflix, friend, please let's take this glorious opportunity presented to us, "Claire" the deck and start again. 

Yours Sincerely

Opinionated Fans of Things They Don't Actually Own