Dear Suits

What are you?

No, I'm for serious. What the heck are you? I have just completed a sleep deprived binge of your first 6 seasons and I'm still not entirely sure. I must admit that I watched you at an extremely vulnerable time of my life. I was in-between shows, there were few movies out that were grabbing my attention and I was in need of a filler in my life. You were that filler. And now, having completed watching you (absolutely realising that there is a season 7, but realistically 6 was already too much) I feel regret. The kind of regret that one feels after eating an entire wheel of cheese at home alone on a sunny day when they should've been outside. I know there are better shows out there, I even shamefully justified watching you to real life people.

You are the springtime TV girlfriend that I knew I never should have gotten involved with, but I did because I was lonely.

The thing that bothers me the most about you, probably most notable because of the binge watch, is your story loops. You seem to be caught in a format that you captured early on in season 1 and were never able to escape from. I call it the Louis Litt Loop, and it goes a little something like this. 

  1. Louis is a dick to someone. He says something hurtful to try and get his way. 
  2. Harvey calls out Louis for being a dick and points out that his actions have had unintended consequences.
  3. Louis realises he broke things, becomes remorseful, and enlists Donna to fix it
  4. Either Donna, Harvey, or (surprisingly, but never humbly) Mike fixes the problem.
  5. Louis comes to Harvey or Jessica's office, grovelling and generally being pathetic and stating "This firm is his home".
  6. Harvey and Jessica smugly accept the apology and suggest that they "need to get back to business"

Lather, Rinse, Repeat. 

You’ll stick with format for most of your episodes, occasionally dipping your toe in the pool of alternative ideas, but never jumping in. There are no lessons learned, it's like you hit the reset button at the end of filming and do it all over again the next day. You started so well. You had a great premise, promising development, sexy people doing sexy/intelligent law work, and you threw it all away with mindless repetition. Just mindless repetition.

Word to the wise, DEVELOP YOUR CHARACTERS, between Man-Child-Mike and Haven’t-Changed-Harvey, your two leads constantly went nowhere fast. And now that Gina Torres (Jessica) and Meaghan Markle (Rachel) have left, your personality will exist only within whatever effort that Sarah Rafferty (Donna) and Rick Hoffman (Louis) can muster between them. As fun as they might be, they will not be enough to carry you on their own. Unfortunately future HRH Markle is not just “going out to get milk” and you will have to find something, or someone, else worth hanging your hat on if you desire to do more than bland us to death with mindless repetition.

Look… It’s been “fun” while we’ve had you. Maybe now it’s time to think about putting some of your tired cast out to pasture.  

            Yours sincerely,

            Long Suffering Series Watchers          

P.S. Whomever is writing you might want to consider more Mike/Harvey movie quote banter. That’s fun and shows that your characters are more than just rich, intelligent, clothes horses. Making them…. You know…. Relatable. Just some food for thought.