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Wall Of bloody legends

These legendary people are legends of the most legandacious status and are hereby inscribed on the "Wall of Bloody Legends" for the rest of recorded time.


LootQuest: RPG Podcast

In our world, the inaugural Bloody Legend is known by the moniker, Shampu. In other worlds, he is known by many other secret names, but they are of such magnificence that if you heard them uttered allowed your face would melt off like that guy at the end of Raiders (Spoilers).. Fuzzy heard part of one of these secret names and has had permanent stink face ever since.

When he’s not being a Bloody Legend, Shampu is producing magic over at the LootQuest: RPG Podcast alongside other superstars of the PodFix Network. If you have an appreciation for the world of Tabletop, you should head on over and download the latest episode. 

Or just do it because I told you to!

Director Brenic.png

Director Brenic 

When it comes to Bloody Legends, they don't come more Brenic-ky than Mr Dan (Director) Brenic himself. Co-Star of the funny and informative Netflix 'N Swill Podcast.

He's a lover of fine movies, a destroyer of second-rate Netflix materials, a drinker of delectable swills and part of the F&F Family #RideOrDie (Check out the Furious George episode for evidence). And NOW, he's officially recognised as a Bloody Legend within the world influence that is known as WSTP? 

Dan.... we love you, buddy.

Never change!


Nic Haskins

The man. The myth. The Legend. Friendo of the show and superstar of at least 2 full time podcasts (that we know of). If you haven't heard this man in his many forms, you are missing out.

Most famously know for his role in The Epic Film Guys podcast/stickers franchise, he also cooks up a storm on the delicious RestauRant Podcast. And when he's not doing either of those, he's cuddling up to a New England Style IPA with plenty of m-m-m-mouth feel. He's legit one of the busiest hosts in the biz. 


Having had the pleasure of appearing on the "Touch of Resident Evil" episode, he's already a bonafide Bloody-Legend. This post merely highlights that Bloody-Legend. This post merely highlights that fact.