If you've given us a listen, you'll know at this point that we like to talk shit. A lot of this shit comes in the form of not only bad puns & random quotes, but catch phrases that you may not be familiar with. Here's a little glossary of what we mean when we run our stupid mouths.


Being a drinking podcast, you can probably hear us getting more and more inebriated by the minute. So inevitably, words get slurred and mistakes are made. When this happens, one of us will usually say "recleckleck". This is a Will Ferrell line from an outtake of Eastbound & Down, where he means to say "correctly" but fucks it up completely.

It's about 45 seconds in.


Mullet Belt

The Mullet Belt is what we call an area in Melbourne, Australia. The belt wraps around Mount Dandenong, holding up the pants of suburbia. It goes from The Basin to Montrose, and is a great area for bogan-spotting. Boronia is the buckle. We record the podcast in one of the pockets, along with some lint and loose change. And of course, there are mullets everywhere.

Baking Brad

Nicko's favourite spoonerism


Occasionally we put on our detective hats to investigate the true motivations for our movie stars. Are they fine, upstanding citizens of the world who seem to get better with age, or are they in fact children of L. Ron Nosferatu, blessed with agelessness and cursed to feed on Z-grade celebrities for the rest of time?

We will speculate, but you can decide. 

All Bets Are Off!

At any point during the mashup, one of the crew can throw out the All Bets Are Off! challenge. This usually results in some crazily skewed tangents and logic as we link in references that are too obscure to comprehend. This is the entry point into the Danger Zone as the likelihood of Yellow Cards is off the charts. 

This one was hijacked from the Guy Ritchie, English GangSTAR classic, Snatch