Where else can we find WSTP?

We work with a lot of other podcasts who are all part of the PodFix Network. We've collaborated with, and appeared on, most of the other network shows. There are plenty more episodes in the pipeline with special guests, so stay tuned to our Twitter Feed, Facebook and Instagram for (semi-regular) updates.

What other podcasts do you listen to?

Our main inspirations for doing this are We Hate Movies, and How Did This Get Made? Classic movie pods. We also draw a lot of material and energy (and guests) from our Brothers and Sisters over at the PodFix Network. There's so much good content and it just keeps coming. 

Can I suggest an episode?

Of course! You can write in to our mailbag - whospikedthepuns@gmail.com - or you can hit us up on the social medias, Facebook, Twitter, we've got the lot. We have an ever-growing list of potential episodes, but it's not in any order, so your suggestion could be the next episode if it's a cracker! 

Where do you record the podcast?

Anywhere and Everywhere. WSTP? started life on the buckle of Melbourne's Mullet Belt, upgraded to the bustling hipster metropolis of the 3121, shacked up in a 5-Star Yurt at an undisclosed location, local pubs, and even at the famous Rainbow Serpent Festival. 

The challenge is to record anywhere there's a power point for the telly and a frosty place to store a beer.